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Knowledge is power


Knowledge is Power

Welcome To Sunrise International School and PU college

We Are the Leading & The Best International School in Bangalore

The school was established in 2008-09, which makes it one of the modern education schools for urban students. Thus, we impart quality education at an affordable price.

We offer a comprehensive education program with a focus on developing life skills and cultivating creativity. With its innovative teaching and learning techniques, Sunrise school strives to create a safe and nurturing environment for students to reach their full potential.


Empowering Every Learner

Academic & Professional

Academic & Professional

An academic refers to a person who is knowledgeable and skilled in a particular field of study, while a professional is someone who has completed formal education and training in a specific trade or industry and applies their expertise in a competent and ethical manner.

Competitive Examination

Competitive Examination

Competitive exams are standardized tests that individuals take to compete for a limited number of opportunities, such as scholarships, admission to schools or universities, or jobs. These exams are designed to assess a candidate's knowledge, skills, and abilities in a particular subject or field.

Library Reference

Library Reference

A library reference refers to the support provided by the school library and its staff to students, teachers, and staff to find and use information, resources, and materials for educational purposes.

School Curriculum

Monitoring a student’s progress continuously in a risk-free and encouraging environment is assessment. Projects, quizzes, tasks, elocution, debate, and other individual and group activities are given to assess the co-scholastic areas.

It evaluates the student’s ability to observe, converse confidently, complete projects with research and comprehension, write essays, participate in elocution, question the accepted concepts, and test the relevance of concepts using lateral thinking skills. This will be put to good use because it would greatly increase and boost the child’s self-esteem.

Continuous thorough evaluation records are being kept to incorporate regularity, seriousness, and systematic study practices. kept by the teachers as a benchmark to assess the pupils’ progress over time and gauge their performance at every level. The junior class curriculum includes fine arts, needlework, storytelling, sloka recitation, and computer instruction, while the senior class curriculum is enriched by work experience, social service, environmental projects, robotics, music, dramatics, and field trips. In order to maximise their physical potential, sports are valued.

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Every year S.S.L.C Results is scored for 100% past from 11 years.

SPECIAL INFORMATON: There will not be any admission fee for baby care admission.